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Upcoming Litters

I no longer have a general waitlist. I have noticed over the years, rarely does anyone on that list purchase a puppy and it has been a lot to keep up with. Instead I will only have people either sign up for specific litter notification list (when I have them open) Or they can sign up for the VIP waitlist if they are ready to place a deposit up front.

When I actually see the pairs breed, or have a suspected pregnancy, I will open a notification list (at the end of the listed pair) that you can sign up to be notified when the puppies are available.


Those on these lists are not placed in any order. One mass email will be sent to everyone on each notification list. (after I have exhausted the VIP list) I will post pics, description and price of the puppy(with other info). I will wait 8hrs or longer for those on the lists to place deposits if they like. Then the puppies will be available to everyone else on my website and/or FaceBook. Be sure to check your junk mail/spam because often these emails end up there.


If you know for sure you want a puppy from us and don't want to miss out(sometimes they sell fast) consider joining my VIP waitlist.


If I don't actually witness the pair "tie up" I will not open a list until the female shows signs of pregnancy.

Once the notifications are all sent out for each list, I will delete the list with all the contacts. You will want to sign up for each list to get the email notifications.

Future Litters

Koi with Pixel-This will be a first time pairing for these two. We can expect mostly chocolate and tans, piebalds or solids, some brindles or brindle piebalds, possible longhairs, but I expect all smooth coats. This pairing happened 09/30/23 with pups expected around 12/01/23. To sign up for this notification click here

Rose with Parker- This will be a first time pairing of these two, we can expect mostly (if not all) brindles, longhair, creams or chocolate. I am waiting to see signs of pregnancy before opening the notification list. I expect pups early/mid Dec.

Reese with Pixel- This will be a first time pairing of these two, but Reese's last litter. She will be retired and looking for a new home. We can expect reds and/or creams(shaded or not), possible brindles, possible piebalds, possible brindle piebalds, long or short coat. This breeding was witnessed 11/04/23 so we can expect pups around Jan 5, 2024. To sign up for this notification click here

Cherry with Charlie- This is a first with them together. Charlie is the son of Alek and Piper, I am borrowing him from his family to pair with Cherry. I expect to see black and tan, chocolate and tan, possible piebalds, possible dapples All smooth coats. This breeding should happen Mid Nov with pups Mid Jan 2024.

Piper with Sterling- This is a first time with the together. I expect to see black and tans, chocolate and tans  piebalds possible, long and short coat. This breeding should happen in Dec with Pups in Feb 2024.

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