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Why Mini Dachshunds?

We are animal lovers, I have had many dogs, several different breeds as well as goats, chickens, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, etc. What we love about our dachshunds is they have great personalities. They seem to become very bonded with the family members. Our first male, Winston, was so in-tune with everyone's feelings he would refuse to eat and would lay in bed with whoever in the family was sick or sad.(sometimes all day)


Dachshunds are ready to be the perfect pet for 'their' person, if you want to play, they are ready to play. They can fetch a ball or play tag for hours, but if you want to be a couch potato, they can be ready to do that too.


They are the perfect size for an apartment. But have enough energy to run around a full sized ranch! They can sometimes be stubborn with housebreaking, and some are very vocal, but with some consistency they will learn what it is you expect from them. They are ready to be part of a family.

Our Story

We started out with just a CKC male that we fell in love with and couldn't stop there! We became "addicted" to these short legged, long bodied buddies! We started a small, family run, hobby of breeding, raising and sharing with others our mini-dachshunds.


We now have all AKC registered doxies and have obtained our Texas state breeders license(in 2021) which means we have been inspected by the state and follow strict guidelines. We have also been inspected by AKC.

We just recently added a corgi pup (3/2023). I haven't decided yet how this will go, but if I love them as much as the doxies(another short legged breed) then we may add a couple just to mix things up and be able to offer a different breed.

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