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Older Pups Or Adults

Here we will feature pups that are over 10 weeks old as well as adults that are either "retired" or that I'm posting for a friend. Please take note of the contact info. The person to contact may not always be me.

For info on this doxie email or text me. or 254-291-1997

This is Smokey, She's a blue and tan smooth. She had one litter here and blew her coat(usual) but her coat has not grown back in much. I'm calling this CDA (color dilute alopecia) since there is no real testing for it. She is otherwise healthy. She stays on the small side (small and thin). She's playful but is also sweet. Because of her coat I will not be breeding her again, therefore she is looking for her forever home. Contact me if you might be interested.

$250 with a spay contract(no papers). If I get her spayed it will be the cost of the vet bill.


This is Breeze. She is a short hair shaded red piebald with ticking. Breeze is so sweet and very friendly. She is from Bailey and Heath. Brittaney (Brit's Doxie Crossing) and I held Breeze back to replace her mom (Bailey) as one of our future co-owns.

Being 5 months old, we are able to see that she is too small for our programs. We have decided it best to place her in a pet home.

She comes up to date on vaccinations, including rabies,

and heart worm prevention.

She has been around cats and children and is great with both, as well as other dogs.

If Interested contact Brittaney at 254-727-0757 (different from me, she prefers a phone call)

DOB: September 14th, 2023

$1,000.00 Cash Only

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