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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get asked frequently and the answers we give.

QUESTION: What is the price range for a Southern Dachshund puppy?
ANSWER: My prices are subject to change with the rising cost of food, vet services and such. 
As of May 1,2023 price range is to $1600-$2000 per puppy. The price depends on color/sex/pattern of the puppy. The lower range would be for a solid red male. The upper amount would be for a cream, dilute or dapple female. The price could be even lower if it were pup with a defect like a crooked tail or overbite.

QUESTION: What is the different between Limited AKC and Full AKC registration?
ANSWER: Full AKC gives breeding rights. For those that want to enter their dogs in competitions, check with the event, most of them do not require Full AKC. If the pup is only meant to be a pet/family member, then Limited AKC is all you need. I have decided to limit the number of Full AKC pups that I sell. If you've already talked to me about this then whatever we agreed on still stands. Otherwise I will start screening folks asking for Full AKC and the puppy price will reflect this by up to $1000 more. Buyers wanting full to show a dog for conformation may have the chance to do so on a co-own contract. Please contact me about these options.


QUESTION: Can you help with training?

ANSWER: I am always available by text to my doxie families. I will try to answer as many questions as I can or find the answers for you. But I am not a trainer. I am currently partnered with an online training school called Baxter and Bella. They offer an affordable lifetime membership to training courses (live and pre-recorded) as well as live one on one help and so much more. Think about getting this before you get your puppy. They have a lot of good info about how to prepare for your pup and how to get your pup use to your home. For more info, click here

QUESTION: What if I don’t need registration?
ANSWER: All my pups that are able to be registered, usually are before I even make them available for sale. The only reason I would not include registration is if the pup had a defect.(crooked tail, under/overbite etc.) The main goal of AKC is to maintain the integrity of the different breeds.

QUESTION: Is it better to get a male or female?
ANSWER: This is actually a preference. Many people favor females thinking they will be easier to housebreak. Or because they do not want to deal with marking and mounting. I can tell you from experience, females also can mark and may mount as well. I’ve just noticed that males tend to stay more playful as they get older(even after neutered) than the females at times(not always)

QUESTION: What does a puppy come with when I pick them up?
ANSWER: All pups will come with a “goodie bag” that will include a folder(that has medical info in it) their AKC registration application (unless stated the pup cannot be registered), info sheet about dachshunds and training, a vaccine schedule. They will also leave here with a small baggie of
food(a few days worth) and some toys will be included(depending on availability). In addition if you complete the registration for your puppy, AKC offers 28 days of free pet health insurance that you can continue(with a fee) or not.


QUESTION: What do I need to have with me when picking up my puppy?

ANSWER: Please be sure to come with a small crate/carrier even if someone is coming with you to hold the puppy. Sometimes puppies will get car sick and/or overwhelmed when they leave. You'll want them to have a space for themselves to calm down. Also it would be helpful to bring paper towels in case there is any clean up. If you forget a crate there may be extras here for purchase, please ask.

QUESTION: I already have a dog at home, what is the best way to introduce a new puppy?
ANSWER: This is actually different for each dog. You know your dog best. But I’d say when you first get your pup home, let your dog sniff the puppy through a crate or another “barrier” like a baby gate. Don’t crate your current dog. The house is his turf you don’t want him to be fearful that the new pup is “taking over” Watch for signs that your dog is happy to see the new pup(tail wagging) before you let them in a space together. You can find other useful ideas for introducing new pups online.

QUESTION: Will a new puppy cry a lot when I first get them home?
ANSWER: Again, this depends on the puppy. Some may have a little more anxiety than others when they first leave here. I suggest letting the puppy explore his/her area with little interference so he/she can get comfy. Offer food(dachshunds are very food driven)! Also play with your puppy before bed to try and “tire them out”. If your puppy does seem nervous or cries at night, I suggest covering their crate with a blanket (it will make them feel secure) and also play soft music or white noise close to the puppy. Here at Southern Dachshunds, I play music (mostly 70’s-90’s stuff) 24/7 in the nursery/office area.

QUESTION: How do I start housebreaking my new puppy?
ANSWER: This depends on your schedule. Will you be at home most of the time? Or do you work and are away from home during the day? Either way, remember your puppy is a baby. He/she cannot hold their bladder for more than 4 hours when they first get home at 8weeks old. When you’re home, be sure to let your pup out often to potty. When you see them go potty outside, praise them (or give treats) so they know they did the right thing. Overnight if someone doesn’t get up to let the puppy out at least once, be prepared to clean up a mess. Pick up any food/water in the early evening so the puppy can have a mostly empty bladder before bed time. When you are not home, your puppy will need a place of his own where he/she is not roaming around making messes everywhere. Either a gated area or crate. I personally like the crate training method for overnight or when no one is home. But there are lots of great ideas online about house breaking. Find one that you like and stick with it. Dachshunds can be very stubborn and if they think they can “get over” they will try. Stay consistent with any training.

QUESTION: What kind of food should I buy for my new puppy?
ANSWER: Dog food is a very hot topic with many people/breeders. I don't claim to be an expert in this area. I switched foods a lot in the beginning and fed Purina Pro Plan for years. It is a great mid price range food. I currently have switched all my dogs over to PawTree brand food. It is what I would call a higher end food and does cost a bit more. But it has less fillers, your dog will need to eat less to get all the nutrients needed. They o
ffer different flavors, food add-ons and more. If you'd like to check them out you can do so by going to their site: HERE  If you decide to try it out, please use code: INTRO4U10 for 10% off your first order under $100 or INTRO4U20 for 20% off your first order over $100. Even if you are just “trying it” use the EZ ship plan for the shipping discount (you can cancel it) or if you add 3 more items (like treats, shampoo, toys) you’ll get free shipping (with the EZ ship plan). If you decide you'd like to try something different, I suggest you start reading ingredient labels. Unless your dog is on a special diet due to medical reasons, it is my opinion that the first ingredient should be an actual meat(chicken, beef, turkey etc) Not corn or wheat. There is also a lot of debate out there about grain-free foods. It has been noted that many grain-free foods can cause heart issues in dogs. So if you change foods, do your research!

QUESTION: Do you ship puppies?
ANSWER: I do not ship puppies. This requires the puppies to be placed in the cargo area of the plane and although other breeders do this, it makes me nervous that no one is "watching" the puppy. I do however offer "delivery". Myself or one of my helpers will drive the puppy within a 3
hr radius of my location for a fee(fee is determined by the distance). I have met new buyers at the airport if they plan on flying in and flying right back out with their new puppy. Please do your research if you want to fly with your puppy. Each airline has their own rules on this. Some will require a health certificate which my vet will do, but the fee for that is $100 ($45 health check $45 for the certificate, $10 for my time/gas) If "delivery" is wanted/needed please let me know up front so we can arrange it. Be aware that with this "delivery"  service, I require the remaining balance and any additional fees(delivery and/or health check) to be paid in full at least 24hrs before the agreed upon delivery date.

I've also recently used a USDA licensed transport person. If you go this route arrangements must be made in advance as many of these stay very busy. We like Mike his info is:

Michael Baldwin


USDA information:

Certificate No. 43-T-0315

Customer No. 6015806


QUESTION: Can I come visit your kennel/ visit with my puppy?

ANSWER: Yes! Definitely! I do allow visits; however this has to be arranged in advance around my schedule. I do not allow anyone to enter my office/nursery area. So the visit will be fully outside. Keep this in mind if you have a newborn pup who really needs to be with his/her mom. I will still allow a visit, but it will be a very brief time that you can hold your pup. I do have a small porch if it is raining out and hope to have an actual outdoor area that can be enclosed in bad/cold weather. As the pup gets older the visits can last longer.


QUESTION: Can I see the puppy contract before I come to get my puppy?

ANSWER: Here's the current contract we use: Puppy Contract


QUESTION: How long can you hold onto a puppy that I am purchasing?

ANSWER: I am pretty flexible usually. I expect most puppies to be picked up no later than 1 week after their "ready to go" date. However if arrangements are made in advance, I can hold them a bit longer. (example, holding a pup a few days longer for Christmas or birthday pick up). If no arrangements are made, I will reach out to you on a pick up date/time. If puppy is not picked up in a timely manner and no arrangement has been agreed on, I will be forced to offer the puppy up for sale again and this will cause the buyer to forfeit whatever deposit was placed on the puppy.

QUESTION: Under what circumstance(s) can I get a refund after buying a puppy?

ANSWER: Everything is mentioned in the puppy contract. If your vet determines the puppy is sick (within 3 days of leaving my care) with a life threatening/genetic illness. Any other refunds will be at my discretion. I do not give refunds because someone changed their mind and no longer wants the puppy. This is due to: the cost of my time, the cost of care and food, the cost of extra supplies for quarantining the dog/puppy for up to 2 weeks(or more)  before a potential re-sell may occur, veterinary care for an unknown amount of time, and the unknown price it may resell for. It creates a huge risk to my program and the future of it when I take a dog/puppy back, which I am happy to do, but I follow very strict protocol to maintain the health of my property, breeders, and puppies, and pets. 


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