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Training Classes

For years I hoped to be able to partner with a trainer of some kind who could help those interested in giving their pup a great start to being a calm, lovable part of the family. It was suggested to me to check out Baxter and Bella Online School. I bought the program, spoke to a rep at length and decided this was a good fit for me and possibly many of my dachshund families.

First of all: it's affordable. If you go check they offer classes for $238

Next: Its a lifetime membership! No monthly fees, just the one time cost.

What's included:

Step by step curriculum

Pre recorded videos (you can skip around)

Live webinar classes

Live one on one help from a trainer(you schedule it)

podcast about training and more!

Because I have recently partnered with them, use my code SD25 at check out and get the entire package for 178.50. You don't have to be a new puppy buyer. I feel anyone with a dog of any age can benefit from these classes. It teaches you how to teach your pup/dog.

If you're interested you can follow this link:


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