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VIP Waitlist

Very Important
Puppy Waitlist

This is a pre-paid deposit list.

The VIP waitlist is not for everyone.


It is not for those that are unsure they want a puppy from us, it is also not for those who browse hoping to “see the right one”


***The VIP waitlist IS for families who:

  • know for sure they want a Southern Dachshunds puppy

  • know what color/sex/pattern/etc they are wanting

  • are ready to purchase and care for their new puppy once it is available for them

  • understand they might have to wait for the puppy of their dreams to arrive

How it works:


I will keep a list in order of when I received deposits. I will keep track of what sex/color/pattern/coat each person might like.

If you’d like to sign up for one of these lists it requires a $300(plus tax) non-refundable deposit(the normal deposit price) This locks in your place in line.

**With every litter, I reserve the right at first pick if there is one I'd like to keep here with us.

Once I have a pup that matches what you are waiting for, I will notify you with pics/info of this pup. You will have at least 4hrs to respond before I move to the next person on the list.( I will give you a reasonable amount of time to decide once we've had that first response) If you “miss” your chance, don’t worry, you won’t fall off the list. You’ll just have to wait for the next pup of your choosing to be born. Your deposit will go toward the total price of the puppy as usual.

Be aware if you want a certain coat type(smooth, long, wire, silky wire) it could take me 2-4 weeks to notify you after the pup is born. It sometimes takes that long to see the coat of the puppies. Some litters I will know right away.

I will still keep my litter notification lists and those on that list will be notified once I know which pups are available after those on the VIP list are notified.(if any)

There are currently(as of 06/12/2024) 2 "active" slots are taken on the VIP Waitlist. Chances are good for you to get the pup of your dreams.

Banana Leaves
Banana Leaves

Fill out the form to sign up for the VIP Wailist

I will be in contact with you after I receive the form; If you do not hear from me, please reach out to me. You are not on the list unless I get this form and your deposit.

I will be with you as soon as I can!

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